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August 06, 2012




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London really went all out on their signs didn't they?

This sign was part of NBC's taped delay, right?

Didn't that used to say "Pittsburgh"?

Archery or Javelin?


Speaking of which here's a blast from the past.

Think ahead...

If that's by Banksy, it'll be worth millions some day.

Oh, these poor unfortunate people! They can't even afford duct tape.

This is o/t but I just wanted to say the Rock Bottom Remainders sounded wonderful last night on the Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson. The singing was also outstanding. I just wish you could have played a couple of more songs. Dave and Stephen King were also great in their interviews. Now, back o/t.

That Electrical Tape font sure looks good on that iPad, don't it?

Electrical tape works about as well on the cracked iPad screen as well. Only needs to be replaced every couple of weeks.

Oh wow... a new font.

They're going to need a bigger board when the Paralympics begin. Also, if you go into a U.K. hardware store and ask for duct tape they'll look at you as tho' you have two heads. Gaffer tape. Just another one to add to the list.

It's just sad when a country can only afford one Olympic.

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