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August 31, 2012


...for the Venezuelan Poodle Moths.

(Thanks to Sharon [The Minx] Lurie)


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Boy is that unique looking. What a critter.

Somebody alert PETA, it's wearing fur!

There's some high octane nightmare fuel.

Isn't that adorable? Now kill it.

I think it's the cutest yet freakiest moth. I think it was resurrected. Lol.

If this creature were a pop singer, it would be Lady Gaga.

Now squash it.

With a beeeeeg anvil.

My first thought was: Rock Star.
'Course, I'd step on most of them, too.

As long as it keeps the poodle population down, I have no problem with it.

There's also a cross between a cockroach and a schnauzer, but none of the possible names for it can be published in a family paper.

After assessing the wing-span:bodymass ratio, it's seems likely that it doesn't fly. Perhaps it travels in a very small celebutante's purse?

The opposite of the Lunesta moth. Crawls up your arm, creeps you out and you can't sleep for days.

Have Glock and Spackle ready if it wanders into my house.

Ah -- poodle moth! I get it. That's how they lose those odd patches of fur. I always thought people did it on purpose.

"Oh, bugger, Ashley! The poodle moths have been gnawing on little Precious again."

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