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August 10, 2012


The Penises of the Icelandic Handball Team

(Thanks to Ross Marks)


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A penis museum, that's quite funny. Interesting though.

No foreskin in the game.

"...does not depict its actual members."

They're all Jewish, I see.

She seems to have had a lot of experience.

It must be a lot warmer in Iceland than I'd believed.
Except that guy in the front middle is holding the 'fridge door open.

Two Qeustions:

1- Why are they chewing on theri medals?
2- Why?

No, Three questions.

3-Did they have to sick their privates in molten lead to get the molds for the "exhibit?"

No, Four questions.


If a 'head" of state were to visit Iceland would they take them to the penis exhibit? Or only the French?

"We are a gloomy people. There's nothing here to eat but crikey fish, and it's cold enough to freeze your wrists off ..."

They are led by their captain and lead singer, Hjim Mjorrisson.

Got nuthin' on the Plaster Casters!


Everybody eats their medals. Athletes have said on yahoonews that the photographers think the pose looks cool.

“I didn’t have any models,” she said. “I just made them from experience.”

General experience, not handball experience.

“I’m not very much a sports person,”

Oh, don't sell yourself short, Honey. Seems to me that your experience epitomizes the Olympic tradition...Faster, Higher, Stronger. Go for the Gold!

Public privates.

That's got to hurt.

Hey, the winters in Iceland are long and cold. When guys are stuck inside a lot it's just natural for them to work on their handball.

I keep scrolling by this post, and every time, the headline makes me think of a large-format, hardbound coffee table book, produced in glorious four-color, with an introduction by John Updike.

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