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August 09, 2012


My 3-year old daughter came running into the kitchen and said, "Mama! Come see! I drew a picture of Dave Barry!" Sure enough, she had - complete with glasses - on the dry-erase board. The book floating around our house right now is "Dave Barry's Money Secrets" but I think she took the likeness from "Greatest Hits," which is on the bookshelf. 

I've always said she's an artist.

  -- Lauren Van Nort,
    mother of Caroline



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Wow. Stunning likeness.

One minor thing, though...I think Dave has two eyes, right?

Another minor thing -- she didn't pick up the nose ring.


You are so right!

Got the hands right.
No blue shirt?

I like the way she captured his trim arms and intelligent expression. Also, she's my niece, just wanted to mention that.

I think Caroline is a budding Picasso. Great job! The hair is perfect.

Hey, give the kid a break! She could have drawn flowers, kitty cats, or unicorns, but she chose to draw DAVE BARRY! That is awesome in itself!

Looks a little like Gene Barry too.

Looks like the whole fam damily is going to turn out for Caroline's first online art show. I'm not kidding: I have a Dave Barry book in my car right now. A co-worker brought some old paperbacks to work, and somehow the rest of the cretins at my job didn't recognize the rare opportunity to own a 15 year old work of Barry literary art. Anyway, great job from another biased uncle.

I never really noticed how much Dave looks like Calvin before.

Welcome to DixieDove. Don't mention the different horse competitions, or we're all going to be sent to the principal's office again.

Welcome to the asylum Blog, Caroline's family. There's always something to see around here.

I don't know ... is photorealism really art? Where's the interpretation? What's the narrative? Where is the ambiguity? Over there, in a box. And how come no strange British Olympick marketing characters, stealing Dave's duffel bag?

VERY cute knees Dave, if I may be so bold.

cyclops dave. great art!

Sad it's too late to go on a Rock Bottom Remainders poster.

Now I see why the kids on the playground teased Dave by calling him tilde-mouth.

lol@larry again!

If I may correct virtually everyone above, I see two eyes in that photograph-quality drawing.
However, it was probably a post-pub likeness.

Steve's right, there are two eyes. They're just in the classic emoticon configuration: O_o.

She got Dave's tarantula hands perfect.

a. good work Caroline!
2. Does Ms.Van Nort get praised or reprimanded for allowing a 3 year-old access to Dave Barry?

Them's some gooood drugs.

Naked three-year-old calls 911, demands ride to buy beer, assaults police with whiteboard. Authorities believe Dave Barry exposure was involved.

Little Miss Van Nort does have access to Dave Barry, but I'm not too worried since she reads the books upside down.

I have to say, my 9 year old son is also one of your biggest fans. And, because I realized early on that your "DBGTBAOHOS" was by far the best baby book on the market, he literally cut his teeth on it. (and I am not using that as a cliché).

So when he learned to read at three and a half (which I am positive he did just to see what mum and dad found so hilarious) he was immediately drawn to our bookshelf full of Dave Barry books, and being just three and a half, he immediately started in trying to destroy them. (Hey he may be able to read, but he was still three and a half).

Over the years, I have replaced certain volumes several times, his two favourites seem to be DBGTBAOHOS and DBGTC (he is on the computer almost every waking moment).

When I get a new anthology, there is often a struggle as to who gets to read it first. When he has been asked who his heroes are, your name is often in the list, although, to be fair, you sometimes get pushed out when he gets a new anthology of 'Classic Spiderman Graphic Novel' comics...

Kellie Dubé


He thought it was *extremely* unfair when I told him he wasn't going to be allowed to read 'Lunatics' till after he was 18... =}

Kellie, as a responsible parent, I waited until my son was eleven before I gave him "Big Trouble." After he finished, he asked if he could lend it to his teacher because Mr. Dimock would borrow it at lunch. :)


She got the hair right!

If she starts to draw Walter, then I'd be worried!

Isn't that cute.

That's uncanny!!!!!

Picasso, Jr.

Jeez, that 3 year old draws gooder than I.

Personally, I find the ears most appealing.

If you read the books upside down and backwards, you get secret messages like "John is dead" and "Alcohol was involved" and so on.

Dave's inner Bart.

Don't have a cow, man.

Whoa. She really captured the jetlag.

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