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August 29, 2012


D.C. drivers are the worst in the country, report says

(Thanks to wiredog)


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We're number one! We're number one!

I still contend that the car must actually be moving to legitimately call the activity "driving," which leaves out all D.C. drivers. Traffic does not so much move there as ooze.

DC drivers don't learn how to drive in school. They learn by watching NASCAR.

Actual bumper sticker:
Welcome to Northern Virginia
Expect Delays

Adapted from an old usenet post, Tourist's Guide To Driving Around Washington D.C.

Who can drive when they're drunk on power ?

w-dog, it should just say "Don't."

This is manifestly unfair. These big cities get an advantage by reason of their large numbers. If this metric were to be adjusted to idiocy-per-driver, we would win hands down, especially during dorm-move-in-week, when the place is overrun with people from places where "One Way" translates to "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

Get directions before you go? I didn't know WaPo was into fiction.

After we packed up the truck with the belongings of our eldest child at the end of his freshman year of college, I was blocked in. I asked him to spot the rear corner for me to make sure that I would clear my blind areas with the illegal parkers in the way.

Once clear of the obstacles, I pulled away hearing "Dad, wait for me!" and the sound of running feet. The assembled Moms were not amused, but the Dads were trying to replicate the event for their own beloved children.

Thanks, Wiredog. The guide is still current except that the mixing bowl now looks like a roller coaster farm and the DC cabs no longer operate on the zone system.

Well, that's what happens when the Republicans will only turn right and the Democrats only go left.

... and the Wilson Bridge is a hellva lot better.

But now, I'll just say I live and work in Tysons Corner and leave it at that.

Many years ago a co-worker whose daily commute took him from Woodbridge, VA to Rockville, MD referred to driving in DC traffic as "bumper cars." Pretty accurate actually.

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