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August 25, 2012


Swedish police said they are searching for a man whose fascination with garbage leads him to hide in refuse trucks and film trash collectors at work.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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no doubt a hefty guy

Yum! Leftovers!

Shouldn't this have been tagged "send him to Washington" where he can be a valuable member of the press corps?

Nice hobby, if you want to be chased home by a pack of dogs every night.

I don't know. I kind of like a man that's a little dirty, iykwim.

I refuse to comment.

If he needs some extras for his next film, I have some coffee grounds and chicken bones. He's welcom to em.

As if handling all the stuff we throw in our garbage isn't creepy enough, now these guys have to deal with a stalker. Next thing you know they turn up in some PETA style documentary accused of abusing the trash.

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