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August 07, 2012


The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson with Stephen King and Dave Barry and The Rock Bottom Remainders 


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I mentioned this in the last post but I'll say it again. Dave and Stephen King were great and, just in case he reads this blog, Stephen I think I have a suggestion for your unfinished ladies room story. Call me. The RBR's were wonderful too.

I thought the RBR broke up amidst all sorts of acrimony and lawsuits

They're on their (first) Farewell Tour.

Dave's style and technique have paved the way for other to play previously unknow Beatle chords and with his colon no less reserving his place in the annanls of the legendary guitarist of Rock. As well as happy songs.

Oh wow... It's like a Stones comeback tour.

Perfection...there's no other word for it.

P.S. Dave, love your guitar strap

that was great! alll of it!

Does anyone have the time marker when they begin?

Advisory: Have several pairs of clean underwear available before you watch this.

Can someone please id the band from l-r?

Dave, now that your band has broken up, I'll up my offer for your Strat to $650, but that's my final offer! Plus, both you *and* Judi will be requested to sign it.

Have your people contact my people...

Wait a sec! I don't have "people". I only have cats.

What's wrong, PB? You don't want Walter to sign it, also? (I think his feelings are hurt!)

IDing the Band -
Back Row (Our Left to Right) ... Harmonica, 2 Saxophones, Drums and what appears to be sound.
Middle - Guitar of some sort by itself for some reason.
Front - 5 Vocalists, 2 more guitars of some sort, another vocalist, 2 MORE stringed instruments, and a keyboard.

I hope that helps

Mitch Albom's column on the end of the RBR.

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