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August 24, 2012


Cops nab alleged boozer on a motorized picnic table


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Alleged boozer?

"I denies the allegation and I denies the allegator!"

--George "Kingfish" Stevens

Another Government Motors new model has its hopes dashed.

Once again the booted heel of repression stomps out ingenuity. Heck, if we had the atmosphere in the past that we have now, the car would have been outlawed for scaring the horses.

An ingenious way to stay one step ahead of the ants.

PLEASE tell me he was wearing a cape and mask when he was driving this thing. Picnic Man to the rescue!

Dem dere furriners have so many silly laws. What type of nation doesn't allow a man to enjoy a beer while driving his picnic table down the road?

I wipe a tear of joy from my eye and nominate the guys who made this for immediate introduction to the Guys Hall of Fame.

yeah, i agree wing. it looks like they built it during a sober moment. at least i hope so.

Funny -- 46 is a bit old for a Western U student...

Ladies? What is the female equivalent to this type of behaviour (note the metric spelling in honour of our Canadian friends)?
And can we watch?

So proud to be a guy right now. Send this guy to Washington immediately; the more so, since he's Canadian.

This will be on the cover of the next Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. Only $1,999.95!

They need to patent that sucker now!

but where's the trash can full of ice to keep it cold?

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