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August 20, 2012


How To Buy More Beer When You're Too Drunk To Drive

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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I'd comment, but I'm feeling a little horse.

Git along little drunkards.

Not that I would ever advocate this for anyone, but in my younger days I did some of my best driving when I was too drunk to drive. By "best" I mean my friends still talk about it.

If the horse wasn't drinking too it was hardly fair to make him go out on a beer run, and of the horse was drinking wasn't he too drunk to be ridden.

Apparently, this is not only legal in Montana, but also encouraged.

Couple thoughts... First, I knew a guy (dead now, of old age, alas) who got a DUI while riding a horse.

Second, anytime I think of the intersection of horseback riding and drinking I think of Kid Sheleen.

Wiredog, that same classic image popped into my mind - Marvin and horse both leaning, wasted, against the wall.

Followed, of course, by the best drunken-horse chase-scene in the history of film!

Where do I vote for this guy?

In my home town, the bootleggers delivered if you were "indisposed".
Now, liquor's legal and everything has gone to pot.
Oh, OK, there was always pot around.

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