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August 24, 2012


Former footballer turned TV host David Icke claims the London 2012 opening ceremony was a secret Satanic ritual.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Well, of course. Why do you think Ryan Seacrest was there?

SEE! Told you so. Soccer (football to the Euroweenies) will warp your mind. It not only incites violence, it causes paranoid delusions. Save your kids. Saturday is for cartoons.

So Dave needs an exorcism? Judy, have you noticed anything strange about him since he got back?

Mr. Icke needs to quit doing sit ups under parked cars.

That whole drinking human blood thing is just, well, Icke!

This guy is so nutty, even his friends need watching.

His comments are more than enough reason to require helmets on all soccer players.

His melon sounds squashed.

He may be on to something -- how else do you explain the reunion of the Spice Girls?

Oh boy, Satanic ritual... are you kidding me? People are nuts

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