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August 21, 2012


Cockroach can survive 9 days without its head

(Thanks to William G.)


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How interesting! Now kill them. Kill them all.

I welcome our future overlords

That is creepy. Creepier is that chickens can do it.

Send them to Tampa for the GOP convention.

After 11 days headless, they refer to them as "Senator".

Joe Biden

Those things are so gross. I once worked in a Chinese restaurant when I was 16 that a friend of mine got me the job and when it came time to open their refrigerator I saw at least 20 cockroaches. I pointed it out to the owner who didn't even flinch. I cleaned the refrigerator out and kept check on it whenever I worked. I wondered if the cook through them in the food.It was just so gross made me sick to look. They just don't have the same views as we do.

Et voila! The ancestor of the common American politician.

Elon, I've always had a thing for Mike the Headless Chicken. What a story that is!

Cockroaches, not so much.

Snork, snork, snork @ Omni, Pirateboy, and Steve.

Exactly why I don't try to kill them by decapitation.

Yank on its hair plugs until it takes the train back to Delaware.


Not only can it survive 9 days without its head, it can survive six months waiting to be posted to this blog. (comment added after the YioBii tag was added)

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