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August 25, 2012


Cunningham said she and others at her table, which included three children, could see what the chef at the next table was preparing: He formed fried rice into a large version of a male’s sexual anatomy, then splashed drops of oil onto the grill to embellish his creation.

(Thanks to GonzoJhawk)


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She was so upset she was "physically shaking".
Lady, don't eat there any more.
"Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it." Mark Twain.
Although in this case, there might be better quotes.

she objected to the won hung lo?

next time she gets a poo-poo platter

“I was physically shaking, I was so shocked and upset and angry,” said Cunningham, who called The Eagle to voice her concern.

Really? The mere shape shook you up that much? Time to take the stick out of your butt and get a life.

And what Steve said - don't eat there.

Wait, she was shaking because she saw a penis? Guess she has never seen graffitti or TV for that matter.

Did he then use the knives to do the "Hibachi Circumcision" move (also called the "BBQ Bris")? Always a crowd-pleaser.


I saw Rabbi Schlomo Mitshubishi do this once.

Does he work for tips? This lady needs to lighten up. The only times I ever get so mad that I shake is if someone messes with my money or one of my kids. I get doubly shaky when one of my kids messes with my money.

Would she have been happier with the sukiyaki representation of a uterus

Um...maybe it wasn't actually "anger" that had her shaking...?

Just sayin'.....

No need to leave him a tip.

Yeah, I'm with Wolfsong. This lady's in desperate need of some antirepressants, stat.

We are well on the way to becoming a nation of cowardly idiots who can find fear and/or offense everywhere we look.


Couldn't she have just looked away?

I know that nothing says "fine dining" like having someone at the next table simulating an orgasim with a large penis! Yes sir, when I take the family out to a place that bills itself as family friendly that is what I expect. I hear that at Le Bernardin the chef will actually philate the Coq au vin. Really folks, if you have to frolic with penises, how about you get a room? As Tom Anderson said, "Beavis, put that away. No one wants to see that.". I feel better. You can all go back to your penis dining.

It does seem like that wasn't a family friendly restaurant. Maybe they should have a sign.

In Wichita, Ken is considered a life-like doll. One reason why the state's population keeps shrinking.

I agree with Wolfsong also. I'm guessing the shaking had nothing to do with anger. I'd probably be shaking too. It's been a while...

This woman was asking for it. Wasn't even at her table, the nosy beyotch. Betcha she sues. I feel bad for her kids -- with her parenting skills, they're bound to be screwed up.

After twelve years on the job, those Japanese chefs need a little diversion now and then.

She can't eat Italian because of the meatballs, or ball games where women eat hotdogs.

Not sure you'd want to be eating sushi in Wichita anyway. Anyone been there? Land-locked, really rural (as evidenced by locals' ability to be so shaken by someone else's food) in attitudes and mores.

It's a place where a CYO dance is considered an "occasion of sin." (Well, maybe they've got a point.)

It's also a place where a young DrPat once got in trouble for streaking...

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