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August 02, 2012



(This may not be safe for work, but we don't know, because we could not bring ourselves to read it.)

("Thanks" to Jeff Meyerson and Bill Jones, who sent in a link with pictures)


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"click to enlarge"
Uh, no thanks

Strike while the iron is hot, says I. Apparently, these two also believe in striking *wherever* the iron is hot.
Somewhat relatedly, a former girlfriend claimed to have gotten frisky in a demo tent in the sports department at Sears once. Not with me, unfortunately...I think.

I'm beginning to think Walmart pumps 'crazy' gas through their air vents. It's the only reasonable explanation.

No one offers samples anymore.

There's the Snooki I expected from clicking on the Tanorexia link...

Walmart have yet to provide comment about the incident though the Hutchinson Police said they had never heard of such a thing happening before.

Someone needs to read this blog more often.

ya jes never know Where that 'olympic mascot' will pop up next,
slippery devil

"click to enlarge"

Sounds like she did.

it was posted on the people of walmart-stories site. ewww. all i read was the headline. that was quite enuf thanks.

A recent caption in the "Most Interesting Man" meme:

I don't always think of myself as being at the top of the gene pool ...

But when I do, I'm at WalMart.

Drug free- OK, I assume they passed the tests. But this behavior is not sober. Look it up.

But they're such a nice, intelligent looking young couple!

So fondling while clothed is illegal in Kansas? And unless they concealed the merchandise, is it illegal to open a product you intend to pay for?

However, if they were blocking the aisle, throw the book at them.

Is it possible that he was a gynecologist and she a urologist ?

*snork* at LeDud. I am wondering who cuffed them (ew) and then how they kept the cuffs from slipping off?

"...the Hutchinson Police said they had never heard of such a thing happening before."
The Hutchinson Police were unaware that some people somewhere may have had contact of a sexy-type nature at some time in the past? Ah, well, this is Kansas after all.

Earwig Alert: Slip Sliding Away

Slip sliding away, arrested today.
You know the nearer to Aisle 7,
The more they're slip sliding away.

Whoah, I know a man, he came from a cow-town
He wore his pubes across his chin like an ugly crown.
He said that Tina, I live in fear.
That lube you use is so overpowering,
I'm afraid my stink will disappear


I know a nut, now awaiting his release
These are the very words he uses to describe his grease.
He said a good lube, it's nice and pale.
He said a bad lube's when I see I my cellmate,
Warming up the tube in county jail.


And I know a father who had a son.
He called to tell him he was disappointed
At the crimes he'd done.
He came a long way just to make bail.
But he didn't have enough money,
Who shops at Wal-Mart? Funny!
Then he turned around and left his son in jail.


Whoah security only knows, security makes their plans
Using webcams unavailable to the common man
We work at Wal-Mart, collect very little pay
Watching them gliding down Aisle 7,
when in fact the cops are already on the way.

PB, that is BRILLIANT!

I love Paul Simon's songs - but I'm waving my lighter in YOUR direction now.

I always wanted to be a groupie!

*hums along with PB*

There Goes Rhymin' PirateBoy!


Cudos PB. Disturbing but brilliant ! (Lifted from Ron Weasley)

speaking of which, disturbing but brilliant would be a good name.....
brilliant parody.

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