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August 29, 2012



(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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get thee behind me, satan!

The people at Heinz finally come clean about ingredient number 57.

Tired of being outdone by Jesus and Mary, the Prince of Darkness finally appears as a piece of fruit

Tomato Diablo

"They always do that when you touch me there. Don't stop, though..."


Boffins coax tiny bull to mate with cherry tomato;
"Perfect garnish for Bloody Mary!" enthuses Martha Stewart.

Where do the batteries go?

You say to-may-to, I say hellspawn, let's call the whole thing off...

Captain Kirk correctly surmises that Mr. Scott has been tinkering with the replicator while under the influence of Romulan ale.

And you thought "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" was just a movie. Be afraid, be very afraid!

The new "I'll Mature When I'm Dead" cover photo.

The old boomerang-through-the-head gag.

"Nonsense! Genetic engineering of tomatoes is safe and effective!" --Chernobyl Chamber of Commerce

Snooki spawns. Now this.


Enjoy it while you can folks. It's going in tonight's salad.

Handshake Rape.

Jan,no! You should put it on Ebay.

For sure, Jan. Listen to Cindy. Devil Tomato is a treasure.

Cindy. No. It's getting slathered in some nice balsamic dressing and heading down the little pink tunnel.

This month's centerfold for Beefstake Tomatoe Magazine.

On newstands now.

Okay, Billy, now the the other eye ... the snout ... the mouth. There you have it, Mr. Tomato Head.

"Gardener Hildegard Smithers was astonished to find a tomato with the likeness of Adam West."

Tonight on Chopped, you'll be making dessert with devil's food cake, horned toad liver, blood sausage, and this Tomato from Hell. You have twenty minutes.

We .. are the toMAHtoes .. who say 'NI!'

The sassy Bull Tomato models a kicky green fascinator from the Pippa Middleton Collection at KMart.

Coincidence? I think not!

Just picked from Michelle Obama's White House garden. The tomatoes are right next to the mushrooms and pot. The tobacco is around back.


Looks to me like the successful union of a tomato and red pepper. Let me know when the seeds are for sale, I've been waiting for this.

Tomatoes on sale this week in the Fukushima Kroger.

If I had Jesus' face I would be worth a lot more.

This is a tomato.

That is one horny tomato.

Swiss Army Tomato.

We have the fruit. Add nuts and flakes, you get California!

Devil stuck in the tomato. (Ha)

You call those arms? You call that a torso?

Okaaaaayyyy, I have a dolphin coming out one side, a rocket the other, and an green octopus out the back. I thought I was supposed to be a red mouse....


Nursecindy gets my vote with the Heinz caption.

I'm waiting for ligirl -- looks like she's on vacation.

Red Bull's genetic engineering dept. has finally prevailed. The pulp is 76 percent caffeine too.

Swiss Army Tomato! Love it!


Devil Mayter do it.

Bow before your new overload from the planet T' Omato!

How does she bend her thumb like that?

Maybe a pair of wings will make me catchup...

The new mascot for sexy fruit of the loom underware

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