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August 27, 2012


Shaken, he said he smoked marijuana and talked to his cats for about 20 minutes to calm himself and "reason out a plan."

(Thanks to Ralph K.)


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" Lisa Nunes was preparing for a second career as a bartender, according to court testimony. "

I'd have to say she's ready now. She has officially seen it all, and quite a bit of it from a first-hand perspective.

That's what he gets for listening to the cats.

My cat usually tells me to quit acting crazy when I ask her things like that.

"People do not try to wake someone up with firearm."

Out here in Nevada, that's standard procedure.

If my father's cat could talk, I could see Sprite egging him on and then laughing hysterically at the outcome.

He probably wouldn't like the gunshot, though. Too loud.

I like cats, but little pussy's always getting a guy in trouble.

well, cats are always SO level headed about stuff....

He smokes a little grass, the cat chewed a little catnip. They were both high.

In the news feed this morning. Duh.

“Individuals who lose eight IQ points in their teens and 20s may be disadvantaged, relative to their same-age peers, in most of the important aspects of life and for years to come.”

After a career spanning more than 30 years in the technology business, I see absolutely no evidence to support this assertion. I offer as an incomplete and unordered list of examples, the people responsible for the Apple Newton, Windows Vista, Ada, AT&T, and the 3480 Tape Cartridge.

I can tell you from hard personal experience that my pets generally offer really poor advice on how to deal with interpersonal relations. The advice ususally is "throw the damn ball already". If this advice is ignord they generally vomit in one of my shoes.

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