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July 17, 2012


From Nick in NY:

I swear I'm not making this up. I was at the NY Public Library looking for an audio book. This is the exact order in which I found the CD's.


If you use it, you can give credit or link back to ScoutingNY.com (a blog I do about my work as a NYC film location scout and the weird and crazy places I find in my travels).

Best, Nick


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Is there some question whether Dave wrote all the stuff attributed to him?

Meah, in my opinion Henry VIII does not quite measure up to those other literary works.

Dave Barry Talks Back next to Much Ado About Nothing? Makes perfect sense to me. btw, next to Dave Barry's Guide To Guys that is one of my favorite Dave Barry books. Except for maybe Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Songs. Heck, I like them all. I also love Shakespeare and am proud to say I've read most of his works. It's too bad he wasn't in the Rock Bottom Remainders.

Ok, I see Dave's book. Who's this Shakespeare guy?

Didn't Shakespeare open for the Rock Bottom Remainders?

I knew it: Dave is really Sir Francis Bacon!

Shakespeare was famous for his booger jokes.

And the problem would be?

Well, they are in alphabetical order. And they are both literature

Dave wrote a book?

Hey Nick, I like your blog. The story about the old cars was great.

i like your blog, too!

To booger, or not to booger. That is the question?

Forsooth, my kingdom for a *Snork*.

Oh, what a rogue and peasant knave....

The librarian, of course.

The Merchant of Dave.
Much Ado About Dave.
Dave III.

"Okay Miss Marian, where did you hide the rest of the Dave Barry audio books?"

817 is Humor, 822 is Drama, 822.33 is special--just for dear old Will. And, obviously, all of Dave's titles have been checked out while Will's just sit there gathering dust.

And how many Pulitzers did this Shakespeare guy win?

Right on, Hammie. And I am *certain* that Will never won a Tony, either. Pffft!

We note that only one of Dave's books is in the library. Will's are ALL there. Americans know quality writing when they hear it.

To wear a blue shirt, or not to wear a blue shirt. That is the question.

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