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July 23, 2012


Solway Firth cockle gangs are 'out of control'

(Thanks to Tim Simpson)


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There is nothing lower than an illegal cockler.

ya jes never know what a cockle dude'll do

Keep your cotton picking hands off my cockle.

You can have my cockly when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. (That doesn't sound right)

That should have been "cockles". Oooo

ligirl, damn good thing I had put down my cuppa tea before 'cockle dude'll do'. Best laugh of the day so far.

As my grandfather used to say, never let your cockle get out of control.

Is sweet Molly Malone in with these gangs? No, wait she's in Dublin's fair city. Where girls are so pretty.

SNORK ligirl!!!

When your cockle goes bad it is a real gonorr hea

It seems illegal cockling can really get some people's panties in a bunch.

All praise to ligirl.
That's the type of humor that makes some people groan.
I gol'ed (groaned out loud).

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