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July 25, 2012


From Korea, for those who like to ride horses in front of their TV and in the comfort of their own home. For all family members, this home mechanical equestrian system will meet all the family's needs.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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For all your family's home equestrian needs? What if my family doesn't have any? Do I need to get a new one?


Confused in Brooklyn

"Live longer for now! Be your Ace Power!!"

I want to live longer for then and can't comment on the whole 'Ace Power' thing.

The Koreans: new world leaders in practical sex ed.

Too be honest, that was my first thought too Steve.

Oh my! I use to go horseback riding all the time but I honestly don't think I ever made any of those moves while riding. (at least not while I was riding the horse) As dumb as it looks there have been worse. Anybody remember the Thigh Master?

Soon to be featured in a yard sale near you.

Confucius say: Men who watch horse porn looking for stable relationship.

Maybe we could all pitch in and send one to the newly married North Korean leader. I don't think they are registered at Target.

Are the ladies tired of Shake-Weights already?...

giddy-UP. yah.

Does it include instructions on undressage?

SNORK ligirl!

Dressage is also referred to as "airs above the ground," for some reason. Not clear how this applies in this case.

(Have a look at the entry for airs, etc. in Wikipedia for some truly silly pictures of horses doing truly silly things.)

I can't be the only blog guy wondering whether they actually expect to sell this to men. At least men of a certain sexual preference. At least men with intact organs.

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