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July 24, 2012


I regret to report that London, after decades being the butt (Har!) of jokes about public-toilet quality, has definitely surpassed the USA. Here's the Russell Square Scarily Advanced High Tech Automatic Toilet. It cost 20p (Har!). When you put your money in, the door on the right opens Star-Trek-style, and you go in there, and when you're done all kinds of automatic flushing and handwashing and drying and generally cleansing things automatically occur. It is the size of a small apartment.


I availed myself and was deeply impressed. Here I am at the Control Panel.


(Photos by Miss Sophie Barry)


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Is it true that the English pee on the left side of the toilet?


Dave should be proud!

SHe is not old enough yet to be embarassed by her dad's mere existance.

Great pics!

I've in that loo!!!!

^ Insert 'been'. Keyboard confusion. Again.

Dave what a nice picture. The outside of the restroom looks really cool. Wouldn't ya know that you would be at the control panel.

Are you sure that's not a Tardis in disguise?

Kudos to Miss Barry on her picture! Ralph, I was wondering that myself. Is anyone else concerned that Dave is wearing a red shirt?

It's not a Tardis. It's a Dalek trap.

"EXTERMIN-- er, pardon me, I mean ELIMINATE WASTE HERE!"

Impressive. But can you fly it home at warp speed?

We've had those in San Jose, Ca for almost 10 years. They did wonders for the prostitution and drug trade.

20p! At least our public toilets don't cost half a dollar to use.

Daves out of the country? Well for Judy only http://www.underwearnewsbriefs.com/2009/08/underwear-of-the-week-cocksock-mesh-breif-with-waistband/

Wait. Who are you, ahfongu. Do you silently stalk the blog waiting for Dave to disappear?

glad you all made it safely across the pond :)

1st stop: dave at the controls of a 'star trek style' toilet,
where he no doubt left his 1st 'captain's log'...

Why didn't it turn Dave's hair pink?

Dave, did your hair break the Pommie fashion toilet?


Nice loo, Dave. Much better than the Parisian pissoirs, I can tell you.

If the spammers start writing humor columns I will kill myself.

Why is there a pic of Boy George on the side of the loo? Is he still relevant over there? If so why? *sorry, the video "Do you really want to hurt me" creeps me out just like Tim Curry in clown makeup...just sayin'*

*oh, and shoots the spambot in the thigh just because*

Wasn't Boy George arrested for some sort of immoral loo activity?

Doc Rick. You never heard of Camden Town? It's a silly place.

Boy George? That's Dave!

nc...that was certainly my first thought.

my second thought is, how come i suddenly can't make capital letters while filling in fields on-line [question mark]

yes .... the red shirt bothers me too... what up with dat?


Blocking the moron spammers would be a good thing.

Or at least tasering them senseless.

Watch out for Klingons.

I don't understand how these spammers get through. Sometimes when I post a link I have to type in two words that look like this: TiTmou! ArCnE4. Then it asks me something like who was the 23rd Vice President of the U.S. Of course I always get one of the code words wrong and have to start all over. btw, Levi P. Morton was the 23rd Vice President. The president was Benjamin Harrison.


They are already senseless, that is why they spam.

That's where we stayed while in London last November! Well, to be more precise, the Hotel Russell in the background, not the actual loo.

So now that Sophie is a published professional photographer, does this mean that Dave gets to write off her Olympic expenses on his taxes, like he does with his other holiday work expenses?

I just trolled (no pun intended) through this thread twice and didn't spot the spam. Am I losing it, or did he/she/it get whacked?

The spammer seems to be sleeping with the fishes.
In the bottom of a wonderful loo.

Ah, he met his Waterloo, then?


geeeeez. i go through the blog comments every single morning of my life and delete the spam. ahem. you can't wait an hour? if you would stop spamming the thread with posts about spammers, this could still be a humor blog. :-p

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