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July 31, 2012


In most countries, you would get arrested for exposing yourself like this.



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Is he handing out some of those 15 zillion condoms?

'It is not known at this time whether Dong Dong has any plans to visit Dorking.'

i think dave just spied the Dorking Dong Dong

Update on Tight shorts, aerodynamic legs at my first Olympic event. Concerning etc and confidence:
An English friend is in a biking club.

Again, a breaking story from the Olympics, and no "Miss Sophie Barry" photo credit. This is at least the third time, and I feel we are now at a crisis point.

Did you alienate your best photographer, Dave? Does the Miami Herald have A Bias Against Young Photographers? Did you actually let someone else snap the photo? Did Miss Sophie Barry, strangely enough, want to do something which didn't involve hanging around with Dad in an exotic, yet (mostly) English-speaking country?

Enquiring minds want to know. Specifically, I need to know precisely what to be vexed about.

Also, why haven't you covered the hammer-throwing competition? It is all the rage here in the desert.


I think Dave cover's Sophie's eyes every time one of those things comes along.

Sophie probably knows more about those things than Dave does. She from that social media savvy "younger generation" and knows how to text pictures and tweet videos and all that other social stuff.

Well that picture certainly woke me up!

'dog, you keep saying things like that about Sophie and Dave is going to be too nervous to type. There are some things dads are better off not knowing.


Edgar ?

The Internet being what it is, somebody has probably already answered this question, but if so, I deliberately ignored missed it: what are those things supposed to be, really? Not what everybody says they look like, but what, actually, did the talented and creative minds behind them have in mind?

The one-eyed Olympic monster mascot... still better than that stupid Russian bear mascot from the 1980 Olympics.

Omni. After exhaustive research, the answer I have been able to discern as most plausible is that if it has to be explained to you then you won't ever get it. They claim that young children love them instinctively though. Also that scary looking eye they all have is actually a high definition video recorder. I suspect this a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" joke on us all?

I wish Prince Charles would just zip up and go back to the Palace when Sophie is around.

At one point in my checkered career, I was responsible for obtaining ad and creative services, and if any agency had pitched this, um, concept to me, I would have responded with a very Trumpian two-word phrase, followed by a call to Security.

For those who still haven't gotten enough, here's more of the Dynamic Duo in all new adventures!

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