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July 29, 2012


I photographed this squirrel within yards of Number 10 Downing Street. At least I think it was Number 10 Downing Street. It was definitely a serious-looking building. But never mind what specific building it was. The point is, this squirrel was within yards of it. YARDS, people.



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That looks a lot like Prince Charles, Dave, so stand down until the Mounted Police can get there.

And start thinking METRIC. (Like "squirrles").

He's looking for something to eat.

Was that metric yards or Scotland Yards? Besides, nothing to worry about, Britannia rules the leaves.

Where is 007?

Where is MI 5? Where am I?

Dave, if you're in the 10 Downing St. neighbourhood it means you're in the Horseguards Parade neighbourhood, which means you're dangerously close to the womens beach volleyball. Do you have permission from Mrs. Blog?

You better run for your life if you can, little squirl
Hide your head in the sand little squirl
Catch you on the Sopihie-cam
That's the end'a little squirl!

snork @ ligirl

That has to be the tiniest left lane in the world.

ligirl does know her Beatles.
I heard they were English.

I was thinking the same thing FredinKC. Of course a Florida driver wouldn't have any problems with it.

Invite it to dinner.

London's more famous for it's pigeons.

Important Olympic Update: The London Olympics supplied the athletes in the Olympic Village with one hundred fifty thousand condoms.

Equally Important Breaking News: They won't use them. They realize the only way you can make a living in this economy is to breed a left-handed relief pitcher for the New York Yankees.

Dave...that's an AMERICAN squirrel. One of the cute little gray squirrels imported "as a curiosity" during Victorian times, and immediately acing out the traditional English red squirrel by virtue of its superior studliness.

Warning: do not mention this to any British natives; they're almost as sensitive about the squirrels as they are about the uppity colonists.


I guess it would be in bad taste to say, "We won, you lost in 1781?"

Squirrels are a serious business in Britain

Oops. Not sure how I did that. It was supposed to be a clicky linky.

"The point is, this squirrel was within yards of it."

Red alert - send in the security squad with the bazooka!

Jeez, so Mitt was right after all about London not being prepared. Guess Cameron owes him an apology.

resnork @ ligirl

Sure, we had this same problem in Ireland. There we were, all snug in the dark ages, illuminating manuscripts and making brandy, when some clever boyo says, "There's these wee people over on that other island, with the cutest little accents. Let's bring in a few as curiosities."

Well, sir, there you go. First thing you know, we're up to our clavicles in Brits, all running around gnawin' on our electrical cables and colonizin' the underdeveloped world. We tried roundin' 'em up and sending 'em to Canada, but most of 'em wouldn't go.

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