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July 30, 2012


The ancient traditional British sport of beach volleyball.


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No pictures? Why the heck do we have the warning WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G

where exactly in england is this beach. and arent those ladies a little chilly? its not like its more than 75 degrees over there in blighty. is there men's beaach volleyball? (i'm not watching the games. too many commercials)

I don't understand why anyone would want to watch a volleyball game with a bunch of young girls jumping around in skimpy bathing suits.

btw, very nice article Dave. Could you post some pictures of the men's diving team please?

This is the 21st century. Your sport is never going to gain widespread public acceptance until you open the competition to allow hot women in microscopic swimwear. I would give the same advice to officials of other little-known Olympic sports seeking TV coverage, such as skeet-shooting

Ahem: Meet Kimberly Rhode, the first American with individual medals in five straight Olympics

The queen would be playing herself, but apparently she injured Her Royal Knee in a skydiving accident.

BTW, anybody know when the Sweden vs. Brazil match starts?

Maybe they should fill all those empty seats at other Olympic events with fine looking women in skimpy bikinis. I'm just saying.

@snork at Clankie.

Just don' let the announcers wear bikinis. Especially if Charles Barkley is there. Ack. Or John Madden. Boom.

*snork* @ 'volleybaaa'.....

my husband used to spike my drink & we'd play 'volleybra'

From what I've read here, if they placed the men's volleyball uniforms with men-in-kilts volleyball, the ladies would watch.

I think they should go back and try to replicate the original Olympics when the men were naked. Although, I'm not sure I'd want to see a naked man doing back flips or cartwheels in a gymnastic event.

Steve, you're a genius. ~ daydreaming about kilts and voleyball ~

~ daydreaming about volleyball, too ~

I have been looking for Jack Bauer in the biathlon of perimeter building and thigh shooting.

Does anyone have the results of this even yet?

Naked fellows playing volleyball may be interesting.

Cindy, I am proud to say I don't watch women's volleyball. It's not that I don't want to, cause I really do. But if someone is going to try that hard to make me watch a sport, I just feel manipulated.

Excellent suggestion, Clankie. I second it.

Dave, I'm trying to picture women in microscopic bikinis on the luge.

Still trying...

...still trying...

Like this, presumably

Pole vaulting in kilts WBAGreat Olympic sport. I think women would most definitely watch that.

Wiredog, Kimberly Rhode may be the best shot in the world, but I am more than a little irritated that she has "15 classic cars, including a shelby cobra" and yet, her parents are still paying off the third mortgage on their house. Not too impressed with that.

Women's beach volleyball...

Why do the female beach volley ball competitors wear the briefest of sport bikinis while the male beach volleyball team members wear very modest loose fitting shirts?

There can be no doubt that Olympic beach volleyball was invented by men, men had a hand in designing the uniforms. It is the closest thing (yet) to Olympic porn.

Marc, the Olympic committee decided that safety reasons necessitated large area of exposed skin for evaporative cooling. Seriously. They tried to make the uniforms mandatory . And also mandate miniskirts for the sharpshooters and boxers. You could see the drool pouring down Rogge's face.

Judging from the number of condoms distributed to the athletes, the most popular sport at the games is synchronized swiving, which requires no uniforms.

Elon, Rogge wasn't drooling at the young females. He always does that. They keep a little bowl on his lap.

Dave , by the way, Dong Dong won the gold

Reasons why beach volleyball is an olympic sport is because it takes a more advange skill level to play in the sand then indoors,so the sport isn't about girls jumping around in skimpy bathing suits when most are actually covered up.But regardless of the opinions on the sport, your coverage of the games is amazing and more pictures would be much appreciated.

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