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July 26, 2012


I was coming out of the hotel restaurant after breakfast this morning, and there, by the cashier, was a guy holding an Olympic torch. His name is Gilles Goasdue, and he had just participated in the torch relay.

Gilles Goasdoue
(Photo by Miss Sophie Barry)


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Wow, Sophie's a budding photo-jounalist! What great experience for her college entrance applications.

One hot vuvuzela.

Got a light?

I thought torch had a different meaning over there?

Again another published photo credit for Sophie and again another tax write off for Dad! You'll be able to write off her entire trip soon as your personla photographer!

Nice blue green shirt, Dave.

Loudmouth, vuvuvvuvuuuzeelas are banned in London. Maybe Judi will post the link I sent in.

Sophie is a master of the CrapCam.

so did you get to touch his torch?

Did he get that from the Fife and Plunger?

Hope you and your family have fun. And it looks like you're creating a lot of memories.

Appears he's happy to see you.

That's not the kid from the Harry Potter movies, is it? 'Cause I heard they let the ginger carry the torch. Looks like it burned his hair off.

Why doesn't Dave show up when I'm walking around with an Olympic Torch? Another great picture from Sophie. Ditto on what Steve said.


Dave, you know...that would look great over the mantel, or perhaps in the Christmas Gift Guide.

As our British friends would say, a hint to the wise is sufficient.

*nudge nudge wink wink)

Say no more.

Only a matter of time before we see "Naked Man Arrested in Miami Torch Rampage."

where's your vuvuzuela?

The two of you look rather excited. It must of been your day to shine.

My people call them " flashlights " .

I think he's happy to see you, Dave. Just sayin'

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