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July 26, 2012




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And BunBoy is a better label for a sandwich shop?

Dave must be up mighty early to have all the stores still closed.

hmmmm...... those 2 guys look strangely familiar...

Ligirl, brilliant!


Yes. Yes, they are.

"Come on in". Um. No thanks.

And look, it's right next to an office for one of those English "news-paper" things! It's called the "Tele-graph." Wow, English must be a really old language.

Where are the elms ?

Um...I happen to know that over on that side of the "pond," a "butty" is a "sandwich."

Is it because it's between two buns?

Looks like a slightly different nightmare on Elm Street......

Bet you can get bangers there too.

Notice that that door is closed as it should be. Or maybe the entrance is in the rear.

Don't let anyone from Chick-fil-A see this.

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