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July 27, 2012

OH S$*(&$(%(*$!!!I*_)*($

Good thing this isn't what anybody would call a "career."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Yes, we're all so frickin' glad we have REAL jobs, not like poor Dave and judi. Make that just "poor Dave."

Saw that story on the local news and all I could say was "Bullsh!t!"

Cussin' is what gives me the strength to go on

Back in the Eighties, our CEO was a woman, always professional, always well-dressed ... and she loved to freak out the repressed male scientists by leaning back in her chair, putting her feet up on the conference table, and using a common Anglo-Saxon-derived term for copulation. Some of the guys actually turned pale the first time they got this treatment.

Egads, that is rather unsettling.

That looks like the regex I've been working on.

But a good cuss word is so cleansing!

" How common is swearing in the office? "

It became a lot more common after staplers were invented.

wiredog - perl or posix?

Posix, c#.

OT, I had a wonderful comment but when I started to type my phone rang, it was a recording that started off DO NOT HANG UP. since I try to do what I am told I hung up. Ha fooled them, knew that was not my wife. sorry, back OT

After twisting my ankle on some stairs, the boss's wife, a nurse rushed to check the injury. First thing she said was, "curse if you want, you'll feel a lot better". nc, you ever use that kind of therapy?

If you use the "F" word it makes it easier to open those packages with that Kevlar vest strength wrapping round them to protect a "$#%*ing" flash drive....OOPS!

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