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July 23, 2012


For the next three weeks I'll be in London, writing columns and of course trying out for the U.S. Olympic team. So blogging from me will be sporadic and mostly Olympics-related. I'm hoping Judi will pick up the slack here, although she's pretty busy.


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While your over there, Dave, find Mr. Irish Blog and go all hooligan on his a$$.

Judi I promise to do my part to help you out with some interesting pictures. It's the least I can do. The blog has been so good to me it's only fair that I give back a little.

cindy, I understand my friend here is single.

Always glad to help.

Dave, if you do try out for the long jump let me know. I have a feeling you're going to need a nurse afterwards. Maybe a couple of doctors too.

Dave, in case no one's mentioned it, they have beer in London.

Stay out of the way of the bobbies, or they'll whang your nelly-nobber.

Even worse they'll nelly your whang-nobber and before you know it Bob's your uncle!

If a bobbie nelly-nobs your tallywacker, he'd better not be your uncle.

Beware the spotted dick. Safe travels and looking forward to your making fun of those wacky Brits professional Olympic reporting, Dave.

The one thing you don't want to forget Dave is Self-Defense Against Fresh Fruit.

Then you can bob your uncle.

Say "hi" to Her Majesty for us!

off you Go -
and don't forget to Tally - Ho!

('Tally ho' is for when you see a fox, not actually 'tallying h-'...well, you know)

I didn't know blogsnorking had been made an Olympic sport. I am surprised Mrs. Blog let you accompany her to the XXX Games. Maybe you can make balloon animals out of some of the half-million condoms supply laid in for the athletes.

No delicatessen like scorpion tails from Beijing !!!

So the US team will get rid of those cheesy Chinese made uniforms and go with blue shirts?

Be sure and have the jellied eels Dave. And don't forget your brolly. And remember, it's football. Not soccer. And pants aren't trousers. They're knickers. And a trunk is the thing on the front of an elephant. Born and bred in Yorkshire, so if you're heading north and need a translator, I'm your lass.

Harumph ! I suppose " Buy American " is too much to ask for when it comes to Olympics.

Nice pole-vault shot. But is that guy on the left holding a rifle? Maybe they've combined it with skeet?

Dave, please rein in Judi and nursecindy - they are already acting up with those awful pictures of sweaty hairy guys in dresses and patent leather combat boots. We need to do an intervention here - guys, let's all post self photos in Speedos! That will let them know what REAL men look like!!!


How about skin tight wetsuits?

Actually, I've lost about 30 pounds since then. That's like 2 English stones! (Metric stones are different.)

*SMACKS* Elmo. wiredog is that a surfboard under you or are you just happy to see all of us? It's a very nice picture.
This picture is for Judi and the rest of the blog ladies.

YECCH! At least this one is not hairy, though he looks entirely too brooding and pensive to have much interest to normal women. Wiredog, thanks for letting Judi and nursecindy know what REAL men look like.

That said, I'd still like to fondue nursecindy's armpits!!!

Here you go Elmo. No sweat, no hair, and no dresses.

Firefighters??? You gals ain't gonna get any action from those neanderthals - check into the side effects of steroids! Any that I have met talk in grunts and work off all of their libedo pumping iron.

OK, got a fresh bottle of eye bleach on hand. Fire(man) when ready, judi!

DoraKay I'm getting ready to use a word I've never used before in my whole entire life. Yowser! Anybody got some matches?

Women are such shallow and puerile creatures. All they see in men is their bodies. They crave the attention of hulking cavemen with rippling muscles, six-pack abs, bulging biceps and low IQs over that of us that are kind, sensitive, caring, compassionate and nurturing. Someday I will meet Ms. Right and she will look me in the eye rather than shamelessly ogling my Adonis like body!

Time to go shave my back.

Elmo, I dated a guy once that was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Tall, big muscles, jet black hair, light blue eyes, pouty lips..... What was I talking about? Oh yeah, all of my friends were jealous. The only flaw he had, that I could find, was he was stupid and had zero sense of humor. I dumped him. I'll take brains and a good sense of humor over brawn anytime. He was fun to play with though. I sincerely mean that too.

Ya' know, I can just barely tolerate stupid, but the sense of humor would be a deal breaker as far as I am concerned.

i could just stay here all day and look at pics of elmo firemen and men in kilts...*sigh*

*hopes her html badge hasn't gotten too rusty*

i guess it isn't! and for the record, hot guys are fun to look at...lots of fun...

oh yeah, but i'll take brains and a sense of humor ANY DAY

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