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July 31, 2012


They are pretty good at burying people in the correct location.

(Thanks to Olo Baggins of Bywater)


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Hey, they get 'em right 90, 95% of the time. That's an "A" in anybody's book, right?

Now they can rest easy

They're doing better than the US Army is in Arlington.

Maybe they can help me look for my glasses.

If more people chose compostation instead of burial or cremation this wouldn't happen (or not happen). And next years crops would be wonderful !

A couple of years ago, my sister visited our parents' graves.
She told me that, for some reason, a "Wife" stone had been placed at the foot of our father's grave.
I told her it was nice that he was keeping his options open in the afterlife.
I called the management of the cemetery and the mistake was corrected.
It should be noted that none of the occupants complained.

I don't especially care about the story, but that is one ugly website! Man!

Dud, next year's crop of WHAT?

Makes me think I should go see what's growing on Jerry Garcia's grave.

Attending the burial service also works for confirming that things go in the right place.

The original grave wasn't big enough for her vault? Vaults are usually standard sizes. How big was she?

Well *someone* is rolling over in their grave, they're just not sure who...

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