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July 29, 2012


There is security everywhere.


I'm glad about the security, because there are some mysterious people around.


Also some Miami drivers.



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I see that London is having it's usual beautiful weather. The guy in the second picture looks like the Grim Reaper so I wouldn't ask him anything. This is what I love about Dave's columns. They give you the real 'behind the scenes' stuff that the other networks are afraid to investigate.

I did see the rain on the road race this morning. Typical English weather in July.

Interesting, but not as much as the famous London pigeons.

tThe anti-vandal paint is one thing, but it's the anti-Visigoth paint that'll really getcha.

Anti-goth paint would help us reclaim some music clubs. It'd just have to be bright and cheery.

I predict that while Dave's in London, judi will indulge her long-standing interest in men's water polo. judi will be the one writing to NBC asking for more underwater shots.

pad, I'm watching the men's water polo right now. Or it could be water basketball. I can't really tell but the guys are really really cute.

Also, that is some high chair.



Water polo?

How do they get the horses to swim around in the pool? Who cleans the pool afterward?

Dave, what you really need to watch out for is the Pro-Vandal Paint.

I'd heard parking was tight there.

Siouxie, I'd respond but I know you're off training to be able to hold your breath longer.

I'll be doing that myself in preparation for the synchronized swimming.

I'm in training for synchronized breathing and eating.
It's a challenge.

True, Dave has that flare of showing people what others are afraid to do. When the Oympics was in China he showed all of these gross markets and the food so gross looking. Making you wonder.

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