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July 01, 2012


Event to feature military salute, 640-lb. cheese sculpture of Mount Rushmore...

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Cheese sculptures do not generally bring Miami to mind.

No they don't, pad, especially in the summer. At least the sculptor is from Wisconsin, right?

From the balls of Mozzarella,
To the stores for Swiss & Brie!
We will fight our waistline battles
As we spread our Havarti,
First to fight for Bleu and Edam
And to keep our plates licked clean,
We are proud to claim the title
Of United States of Cheese!

“face-in-hole” photo opps

Must be Swiss cheese.

If Florida were made of cheese, what kind would it be?
Swiss? Lots of sinkholes.
Limburger, for the delicious aroma drifting off the swamp?
American, for...well, there's no good use for American cheese.

The cheese sculpture should bring the politicians... I mean, rats... running.

Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!

If it's a typical Florida summer day, you could have the worlds largest fondue.

Hot cheese,
Summer in the city

...and a descendant of Gutzon Borglum will cut the cheese.

"...the unfurling of a five-story American flag by repelling West Palm Beach firefighters...."

Couldn't they find any attractive firefighters?

So he is, Jeff. I even knew a Landwehr family growing up. They must have all settled up here, at least the ones who could spell.

Quite the Kraftsman.

Is it at least American cheese. Each head will be individually wrapped.

i guessed wrong.

Great song ligirl! Please work in Munster in the next verse.

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