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July 25, 2012


19 hats that will not get a dude laid


(Thanks to John Gregg)


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They left out the Mullet hat.

Not sold in stores.

...butt THAT's the Olympic Mascot hat!

They left out a leading presidential candidate. The blog will be disappointed.

Sh!t head! OOPS Am I banned now?

I forgive MikeyVA. We all should.

What's wrong with the beer hat? I know dudes who've gotten laid by women who wore it.

The women may not have realized... Or remembered...


Thank you! (scratches LeDud off of going to hell list)


Or were given ruffies?

Seriously who would wear a hat like this? I am sure someone somewhere would buy it though. You could include it in the Holiday gift guide. Does this come scented or a scratch and sniff option? Wears the corn? (Har)

Damn those Wikileaks guys! I told them the flowerpot hat was classified! In fact ... NOoooo! That's a picture of me telling them that! Bastards!

I've always wanted a toupee. Not to hide the obvious, but so I could doff it when meeting a lady and watch her expression.
I have simple wants.

The Blog Christmas Gift Guide is early this year.

I have a friend whose nickname (IANMTU) is
Sh!thead. His father even calls him that. This would be perfect for him.

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