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July 19, 2012


"We got closer all thanks to farting."

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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1. I know I'm old but...am I supposed to have the slightest f$*king clue as to who they are, or care?
2. who gives a ...fart?

And stay off my lawn (if I had one)!

My little 2 year old granddaughter has learned this trick. Her favorite place to do it is right in the middle of a restaurant and then she announces "I pooted" to everyone. She thinks it's hilarious. I have no idea where she got this from.

NC...obviously your granddaughter has a brilliant future as a Korean pop (or possibly poot) star.

P.S. This is clearly a cultural difference: in my part of the world, "closer together" is not what happens.

Kim chi changes everything.

The question should have been were they close enough to blow their noses in front of each other. Blowing your nose in public in Korea is much worse than farting in public. I once saw an American sitting at a table with two Korean girls. He pulled about a handkerchief and loudly blew his nose. Both girls covered their faces with their hands in embarrassment. Koreans go to the restroom to blow their noses.

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