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July 01, 2012


Reward offered for Montana truck stop dinosaur

(Thanks to cos and Jeff Meyerson, who asks, "How far is Missoula from Flathead County?")


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I'm willing to bet Flatheaders (what else would you call them?) had something to do with this.

Oh, someone will dig it up sooner or later.

guess they needed fossil fuel

Be on the lookout for a large fiberglass tyrannosaur roaming around Montana.

I think Missoula's about 200 miles of Flathead, which is about a 45 minute commute for a typical Montana driver. If the road is paved they can make it quicker.

Nah, it's about 100 miles...

How come no one figured out the Maury Povich connection before?

In May 2007, Povich launched the Flathead Beacon, a weekly print newspaper and online news source in Montana's Flathead County, where Povich has a home and is a member at the Eagle Bend Golf Club.

This explains so much.

So Mike, about a 20 minute commute then? 25 if you get stuck behind a snowplow?

Montana road map chart says 123 miles from Missoula to Kaslispell, but you'd hit Flathead County halfway there. Speed may depend on whether you're follwing a loaded logging truck or being chased by an empty one.

How far is St. Helena from the Capes of Trafalgar?

A longish way--a longish way--with ten year more to run.

It's South across the water underneath a setting star.

(What you cannot finish you must leave undone!)
Rudyard Kipling

How far is Flathead County from the hills of old Missou'?
Sixty-one point five miles, the blog tells me,
Believe the blog, believe the blog, it always answers true.
(Resort to Victorian poets when nothing else comes to mind ...) Omni Skeptic

Kudos to Omniskeptic!

Saw Montana Truckstop Dinosaur open for The Troggs. Acoustic, of course.

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