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July 27, 2012


An Upper West Side grocery store yesterday launched the city’s first “man aisle” — a portion of the store dedicated to facilitate a dude’s otherwise-arduous trip to the grocery store by putting everything in one convenient location — from condoms to steak sauce.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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They gave this a big play (as you might expect) on the local TV news last night. They didn't explain if the "Man Isle" (rather than 'aisle') was ironic or what, but I'm assuming it was not by mistake.

They also said diet soda tampons and other "chick stuff" were banned.

Of course, some of us guys have been doing the grocery shopping since forever.

No, you mean "Attention Nobel Prize Committee", don't you, judi?

Jeff...That's the Aisle of Man

What will be in the "Woman Aisle"? An acre of items with no price tags and no obvious utility?


JSG, the woman aisles are all the other aisles.

Works on the same principle as Black History Month.

Where's the ammunition?

'the man who shops is the man aisle i'll serve'



Can't they just deliver to mom and dad's basement?

you mean a 'self-bagger', meanie?

They still had to hire a couple of women so they should tell the guys where the man aisle is located and then to show them where their items were on the shelf. Their main job is saying things like, "The Dorito's are right in front of you. No, not there in front of you! Look up and then look straight ahead. Now do you see them? IN FRONT OF YOU!"

Better than having to call for clean-up in the man aisle, ligirl.

They have special carts called recliners with remotes.

Condoms and steak sauce...? Wouldn't catsup, mustard and relish be more appropriate...?

that's why i always choose plastic over paper, mr. blue

jeez. coulda sworn i sent this in yesterday....maybe it didnt go thru.

Jeff, "diet soda tampons"?

Is there something the ladies are doing that I don't want to know any more about?

This will be the aisle where a 21 year-old babe-in-bikini will be handing out food samples.

queensbee: not if you signed your name; I got nothin'....

I love going to the grocery store. I'm usually there to pick up more than groceries. A glance at what's in a chick's cart and you know if she's single, single with kids, single with a boyfriend, or single and looking.

And the opening lines just present themselves. "So, just what are you going to do with that proscuitto . . .?" And BOOM! Off and running.

Whatever you do, never mix up the two items listed. You will never live it down.

As a whipped liberated man of the 20th century, I've been buying my wife's tampons for years. I have no problem with it. I have the easy part. Late run to the store for tampons and chocolate. I get a lot of knowing looks from men and women alike.

JD, the men who look are envious - "she trusts him to buy the right brand".

The only food is steak, potatoes, bacon and beer.

This is hard for me to do but earlier I insinuated that men couldn't find anything. Today I looked for my glasses for an hour before I finally found them on the table where I had left them last night. While looking I found 5 pair of lost reading glasses and 3 pair of lost scissors. So, I was wrong a little hasty with my remark. I'm sorry going to be more careful in the future. However I'm not ruling out the possibility that someone stole them and brought them back while I was in another room.

Yabbut if they run a Manx blue light special it will be overrun with females.

Wiredog, and alert to resident medical professional, nursecindy,

Actually "diet soda tampons" could serve two functions, but you will have to ask nursecindy about the second possible function IFYWIM nursecindy.

physics professional Mikey

Mikey I'm not sure about any medical functions but The Diet Soda Tampons wbagnfarb. I'm a little upset right now. I had an electrician come over because the power wasn't working in my guest bathroom. The light bulbs were burned out and the fan is broken. I paid $100 to get two light bulbs changed. I blame the heat. No blog guy better even think about laughing at me.


As a whipped liberated man of the 20th century, I wouldn't dream of laughing at you. Sounds like you could use some chocolate.

nc, the obvious solution was to simply let your guests deal with darkness. Amiright, guys?

Thanks JD. JSG, next time I'll put a decorative flashlight in the bathroom.

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