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July 26, 2012


Personalized Cremation Urns

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Way too creepy

Instead of hair, just plant chia seeds

"We can digitally add hair?" Huh? How? And why? In fact, "why" to all of it?

I would not pay for this, but if the Cremation Solutions folks are listening, I would pay for a service in which you agree to scatter my ashes over one or more specified persons. If you promise to rub it into their hair, I'll pay more. Call me.

I do not understand people who want to be cremated, yet kept around in an urn. If I were to be cremated, it would be so my little pile of remains could be dumped somewhere, not take up space on someone's mantelpiece.

I'm leaving myself to the medical school to be a cadaver, so there's not going to be anything left of me in any case.

My late father-in-law's ashes were placed in a black-powder cannon at his memorial service and shot out over the fields where he "poached his first deer". Wind-drift carried the ashes over spectators and deposited them in the eaves and gutters of two of his children's houses.

THAT'S why you get cremated.

arent they already personalized.........since your personal remains are in there? oh, and dont theyhave a romney head too? probably some off the wall folk who would LIKE to see the president on an urn. how tacky.

Romney is not, and will not be, president. But I wouldn't mind seeing him *in* an urn.

I want to have my ashes scattered over a large outdoor food event, presuming the ladies of the church won't permit having my ashes scattered over the memorial bbq after the service.

Those deaconesses just don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to scattering ashes.

The urn looks more like Ron Butler than President Obama.

Obama ? I thought it was Bill Cosby.

That urns an F from this teacher.

Do they have one that looks like the Blog? One good urn deserves an author.

Hello, Honey, this is Dear. When you make arrangements with my cremator, please do not spend all or any part of $2600 to "urn" me. Just empty the ash bucket out on a nice windy mountain top, like we talked about.

...all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their cremator....

Um, Guin, going to the med school is sort of customary in my family. But when they're through, you are cremated and the ashes returned to the family.
We're usually scattered at sea since most of who are left live near the ocean.
Well, we wait until we die, but you get what I mean.

"Hi. You've reached Bob's Mortuary. You stab 'em; we slab 'em. You kill 'em; we chill 'em. Let us plot your future. All Men cremated equal."

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