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June 27, 2012


A bride, groom and their entire wedding party fell into Gun Lake after the dock on which they were having photos taken gave way.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Wedding safety tip #1: Don't put 100 people on a dock.

Wedding safety tip #2: Don't put 100 people on a dock immediately after dinner.

I couldn't help but notice the groom didn't help the bride too much. Good luck to the happy couple! Considering the videographer got hit by an SUV earlier in the day, I think they're going to need it.

I'll be heading up to Gun Lake in a few weeks... I'll be sure to stay on shore.

Cynic in me says this was faked. The supports on that part of the "dock" are segmented whereas the support on the rest of the dock aren't. That would explain the uniform collapse of all the supports at once. Isn't this the second or third wedding party going in the lake video in the last year or so? Bah humbug.

There's a lot of this going on, seems like, or else more people are capturing stills and video of it happening.

I too noticed the lack of chivalry among the men -- basically left the women to drown. Whatever happened to "... women and children, spacemen, red Indians, and sort of idealized conceptions of the complete renaissance man first?"

Or, as WVp suggests, it could have been scripted. Maybe it's a Romney attack ad.

"Women and children first" is much easier before you get married and have kids.

Well Cindy, maybe if she and her friends weren't screeching like little girls, he would have been more in the mood to save them. Such whiners.

As it turns out, my brother-in-law was eating at the venue when it happened. It looked real to him.

A nearly identical scene happened with a prom party a few weeks ago.

I was going to mention that, Allen.

faked or not, that structure did not look adequate to the task. i think i might have had second thoughts about walking out on the dock. may even had said "this is a bad idea".

As NMUA demonstrates, there's nothing like boots on the ground to confirm intel. Or in this case, tuxedos in the water.


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