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June 29, 2012


What Can We Learn From Mennonites' Pee Samples?

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Didn't the Mennonite Pee Samples open for Santana?

On a NOT funny topic, Sorry folks. There were many Mennonites in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Their homes are now ashes.

Sorry for the gloom and doom, but I was raised In Colorado Springs and used to see them a lot in Manitou.

It is not a fun day for me. Sorry bloggers and blogettes.

We learn that they probably eat healthier.

We learn they are the types that will give away their urine freely.

mine however will cost you a buck ninety-eight.

They also make furniture, just be careful when you ask to see their stools . . .

I agree MikeyVA. I was really hoping some of the rain from T.S. Debby would go west and help with the fires.

I have a friend from HS who is taking pics from his house. Just awful.

Feast for famine. Wish the TC Debby would have helped them as well.

Denver post has 45 pics which will tear your heart out if you are from there.

'just be careful when you ask to see their stools...'

holy sh!t !

MikeyVA: I live in Colorado Springs. No homes in Manitou have been lost. All of the 346 homes destroyed were in the Mountain Shadows area of Colorado Springs.
On the bright side, the weather has been more cooperative and the firefighters have been able to slow the progress of this thing. See Inciweb.org for details, or check the #waldocanyonfire hashtag on twitter.

So, anyhow, "booger."

What Can We Learn From Mennonites' Pee Samples?
Answers to questions nobody is asking


Oh thank God! I know that the Flying W ranch was detroyed, but you bring good news for Manitou.

I have a friend who lives in Birargate.

I've been through Vail Pass.
Where the heck did the fire find all that oxygen?

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