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June 30, 2012


Yorkshireman, 39, has 15 Miley Cyrus tattoos inked across his body to pay tribute to teenage singer 'for helping him through divorce'

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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Wow, it takes over 3 years in jail to get that many tattoos. I'm impressed by his dedication.

I have a tattoo of Dave for the very same reason.

And you didn't even know Dave then, cindy. Very impressive.

Hell, I've got SIXTEEN tats of Judi and some of them even have clothes on!

That's true Jeff. However, I did read some of his later columns after I was old enough to learn how to read. Elmo, I'm impressed!

Now maybe she can help him through puberty.

When asked for a comment, Ms Cyrus was quoted as saying, "eeeew!"

Some compliments aren't.

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