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June 30, 2012


Stay indoors.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I would rather see that than what they've been showing on our weather reports. If I see one more TV news report showing a kid in a sprinkler, another old person on a front porch fanning themselves, or another story about how you can bake chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of your car, I'm going to scream. It was 104 here yesterday and is expected to be 105 today. A small tidal wave would feel pretty good right about now.

Ah, Virginia. Lava her or leava her...

very very funny. does the rapture figure in to that?

Roughly 100 here in VA outside DC as well. With power out in many areas due to last night's storm, things could get ugly.

RtW-H ... watchu mean, "get" ugly ... I wuz under the impression that it's always ugly in (or near) DC ...

WTFBBQ happened to my post?

It's 62 at 1:30 in the afternoon here, Northwestern Washington State, could you please share a little warmth.

Linda Richmond has weather ?

OtU, Even though I am technically inside the DC beltway, I feel well-separated from the "ugliness" you speak of, ThankYouVeryMuch.

Yeah, NW Washington....currently 67.8 at 4:00pm...no baking cookies on dashboards going on here, nope nope nope..

Volcanoes with a chance of Godzilla. Give this man an Emmy!!

Whutever y'all say, Richard tW-H ... if yer happy, I'm happy ... um ... well ... mebbe yer not happy ...

Jeff -- yer post wuz lost under the lava flow ...

I would hook up my cable again if they had more of this stuff on.

Oh, and it's 111 here today in AZ. Already feels like a volcano has erupted.

*serves up frozen Stoli Limonaya for all,except those dorks N of Seattle*

... way to drown a volcano

Oh - Sioux, forgot to chill a box for you!!

That was at least different. I liked the old "Weather Man" before "Meteorologists" took over.
Modern forecasts consist of 3 minutes of mindless blather before they give the actual details in 10 seconds. Your mind is just waking up and you miss it.

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