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June 28, 2012


Discarded toilet set afire in driveway

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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no word on the french response?

If this happened in Flathead County, they'd mobilize the National Guard.

Don't you love a good campfire.
Hotdogs and marshmallows, yum.

Feel free to put "?" at the end of either of the above sentences.

I was absolutely sure this was Flathead Co only to discover its metro Chicago. I think the opposite to Will's observation may be at work. This type of happening is a non-issue in Flathead. Their police blotter has strange fish to fry.

meant to say "stranger fish to fry".

I'm disappointed in you guys! No one has pointed out the obvious. Police have nothing to go on. *throws a ? to Steve*

Was it a protest against illegal 3.5-gallon flush toilets from Canada? Hot shit!

Set my toilet on fire and I can have dinner with Barak Obama ?! ( Or was that just an ad ? )

*groan* to nursecindy.

I knew it wasn't in Flathead County because it didn't involve a goat, a dog, or Highway 93.


NC has made me realize that there may have been a way to interpret my comment as less than masculine.
The explanation is that my wife persuaded me to go to a church picnic last week where they cooked...hotdogs and marshmallows.
I usually dislike church functions because it's disconcerting when the smoke comes out of my eyes and I snort flames.
My wife would like to note that she disallows any and everything I have said in these posts, in the past, now, or in the future.

Church picnics remind me of one of the all time great exchanges from The Simpsons:
Marge: Get ready for the church picnic.
Homer: But we just had a church picnic last Sunday.
Marge: No we didn't. You just took a bucket of fried chicken to church.

If you really want good food go to a Southern Baptist Church picnic. Those ladies know how to cook.

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