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June 30, 2012


Naked 'witches' say they flew on magical basket

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Gee, what did they have to drink when they decided that they flew on a magical basket?

A magical basket that apparently needs to have its magical GPS fixed. If it just dumped them at the wrong location, well....
I hate when that happens.

Obligatory: Basket cases.

BTW: How many guys immediately pictured the two women at the top of the page naked, in a basket?

No Loudmouth, I pictured them on a flying Bentley. It said basket...so I pictured basket with 2 21 year old vixens errrr witches. So sue me.

Magical Mystery Tour. It's been done.

Gotta clean these glasses. For a second I thought they flew on magical brisket.

Jeff, only Jewish mothers fly on magical briskets.

We told them not to take the brown acid.

If witchcraft is a crime, politicians and economists are in trouble.

Seems like politicians and economists are in trouble, regardless ...

Send 'em to Salem

"Belief in witchcraft and tribal superstition is common in Zimbabwe."

As opposed to a totally rational belief in an invisible sky guy. . .

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