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June 29, 2012


Michigan adds talking urinal cakes to DUI fight

(Thanks to Chris Lawson, Unholy Slacker and Ralph)

We saw Talking Urinal Cakes open for Phish.




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It ate my comment (no, not the urinal cake).

One more try:

"Hey, moron, I'm down here!"

"Crap, is that thing talking to me? I'm drunker than I thought."

Talking Urinal Cakes also opened for Phlush.

It's all fun and games until someone breaks out the urinal cakes.

If I were a man and a urinal started talking to me, I'd get somebody to drive me home even if I hadn't been drinking.

are you talking to me???

Because women never drive drunk.

Have they thought about the extra cleanup that will be required in those stalls? Nothing throws off your aim like a spectral voice rising from the urinal.

You can see a picture of the new cakes here:


"Hi, I'm Bob the talking urinal cake. I want to remind you that if you've had too much to drink you should call a cab or ask a friend for a ride home" would probably scare the p*** out of just about anyone, sober or not.

Nate's link.

As of last month, there were 308,000 concealed pistol licenses valid in Michigan. Stand by for a rash of stories about "Man shoots urinal after receiving threats from talking urinal cake."

Can you imagine if the talking urinal cake was in this?

In Miami, if you shoot at the urinal cake to get it to shut up, it shoots back.

It goes without saying that Talking Urinal Cakes WBAGNFARB

This is supposed to stop people from drunk driving? If a urinal started talking to me, I'd start drinking.

The type of people who take advice from urinal cakes are the type of people who live in rooms with plush walls and wear jackets with extra-long sleeves, not the type of people who drive drunk.

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