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June 29, 2012


Shatner drops pants at L.A. airport

(Thanks to Ralph)


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So, was that the celebrity sighting of the day?

Next time wear cling-ons!

Dammit Jim, I'm a TSA inspector not a belt.

One of his castmates might say "Oh, my!"

Nice one, Jeff--of course, Bounce sheets will stop Klingons.

In fairness to the Captain, I always have to take off my belt (and watch and glasses and wallet, etc., etc.) to get through the detector without a beep. I'm surprised this hasn't happened more often.

Screener must have looked like an alien.


Al qaeda is recruiting celebrities, now?!? I mean, seriously, it's William Freaking Shatner at LAX!!1!

- revealing priceline's bottomline

bwaahhaa to ligirl and jeff. i suppose shatner still needs to get a life..

The moons of Uranus?

First read it here on the blog
Shatner, in casual tog,
'I've been frisked!' he did yell,
Butt in truth the pants fell
By the weight of his own 'captain's log'

Misleading headline.

"Trousers on stun!"

I don't know about a life, but he needs a career, anyway. I saw him on TV last week, flacking for some Detroit law firm, for Christ's sake.

Almost as pathetic as Laurence Olivier showing up in that moonie film, Inchon, back in the eighties.

If those TSA agents had red uniforms, they'd surely be dead now.

Bet a dollar he's had dreams just like that.

Shatner without a girdle, that's not the imagine I needed. Pantless Shatner without a girdle, argh I need the mental eye bleach.

Oh, so it was accidental. Headline made me think he had made a political statement about TSA's friendly methods.

One of the TSA inspectors was the green dancing girl.

There's no such thing as bad publicity.

This could be big.

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