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June 28, 2012


Southern Monroe resident Earlene Bryant has promised the Monroe City Council she will show up nude at the next City Council meeting.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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i keep telling you, the only way we're going to get the kids to pull their pants up is if all of us middle aged guys start wearing our pants down below our buttocks. when we endorse this style as 'cool' it will immediately become fashion anathema to the yutes of the world.

line will form to the right...

balzac, you are correct, eventually even the "uncool" kids will wear them and the pants on the ground will go the way of MC Hammer pants, Bell bottoms, dickeys (geezer alert) and (sigh) daisy dukes. You can probably still see all of these, plus a mullet or two, at your local Walmart.

Now they don't have a picture of Earlene or state her age, but I would bet there is not a woman alive under the age of 75 named "Earlene." All the little Britneys and Briannas done pushed out all the Earlenes.

Lady Godiva rode naked thru the town to save the townspeople from the taxman I think. This modern day version will do the same so teenage boys can walk around holding their pants up and showing off their briefs. Hmmmmmm. Question: Why don't teenage girls walk around with their pants half down showing off their underwear ? Seems like it would be a much more noticed fashion statement.

May an old geezer ask a question? OK, two, counting this one.
Do these droopy drawers expose the wearers' skimpies or the crack in his foundation?
If just underwear is showing, I propose that to be consistent, they'd have to dynamite a whole department down at the JC Penney's.
And why is a young lady indecent when wearing a bra and panties but ogled when she wears a bathing suit that may show more?
And...what? Time for my pills?

Monroe is a community in NJ, made up of retirement homes. It is not gonna be a pretty site. And she is AGAINST the baggy pant, LeDud. She is protesting that the law mandating pants must fit failed city council.

How many blog guys are planning on attending the next Monroe City Council meeting? I don't understand why young boys wear their pants this way. Personally, I think a man in suspenders is sexy.

If she likes to show her plumber's crack, most likely she looks like a plumber. Pass.

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