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June 27, 2012


Russian Egg Roulette.

(Thanks to Marta "Mike'sDaughter" Zlotnick)


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I'm wondering which sport wastes more chicken embryos, this or the traditional picnic egg toss.

But since it uses eggs instead of a revolver, it doesn't contribute to the improvement of the gene pool. Human or chicken, either one, I guess.

So in order to in the game you have to smash hard-boiled eggs into your face. How much alcohol was involved in the creation of this game?

A Russian "guy" thing. (rolls eyes)

My brother was horsing around in the kitchen once when my mom was baking. She put an egg on his head and pretended like she was going to smash it.

He said "I dare you."

Three words you NEVER said to my mother!

Hey, those aren't "Russian Eggs." Someone needs to spend 16 hours decorating them, THEN, five years later, smashing them on their heads. THOSE would be Russian eggs.

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