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June 27, 2012


Rise of the ‘Breastaurants’: Hooters-like eateries featuring busty women in skimpy tops enjoying booming business

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Tilted Kilt is my favorite. In fairness to the ladies, I'll point out that at the first TK I went to the servers who were male also wore kilts, so...research!

Why aren't there any restaurants for women with scantily clad male waiters?

Why do the ladies who work in these restaurants so rarely look like they eat there?
And, Cindy, I suspect there are restaurants such as you want. Only women may not be the target audience.

Another triumph for the private sector!

Have they tried oiling their tits to test the Differential Allocation Hypothesis?

There used to be one of these near where I live - it went bust.

The old folks' home near my house had one of these. Unfortunately, the only way they were pointing the way to economic recovery is if economic recovery was on the floor.

That seems to be perking the economy up nicely.

there was a line outside that sort of restaurant here, because the place was full to overflowing....

NY Daily News seems to be milking it for all its worth.


[takes day off to work on "On Tap" jokes]

On the way to hospice, we plan on stopping off at one such establishment for an older relative. He really likes the wings.

I was involved with a youth sports league a few years back. At year end we took a group of the 12 to 14 year old boys and girls, with most of the parents, to a state tournament. The first night the parents elected to eat as a group at one of these breastaraunts. I'm no prude but it seemed to me to be a bizzare move on the parents part. Some of the kids were clearly uncomfortable. I see these places as one step up from bars where the "girls" hustle you for drinks. Hmm, sorry for the lack of humor in my comments. Booger?

If they got it they might as well show it off. Most of the time the skinny broads and models ect.. are flat chested. Straight up and down figure no curves or boobs

And NO it was not in WV, MikeyVA. It was "guess the state" somewhere south of Georgia.

I miss the old days, 2 weeks ago, when we had pictures of men in kilts on the blog. I wouldn't mind this guy waiting on my table. btw, I had to look through numerous pictures in order to find the right one. It was a tough 30 minutes but I did it for the blog ladies.

Keep bouncing the idea around, and it will all go flat.

Going to these places for food is a lot like buying Playboy for the articles.

(stands with wvplantman)

i'm no kid but these places make me more than a little uncomfortable. i've been to one, once. i have not returned.

call me a prude, i'm used to it.

(booger, flaming pop-tarts and a squirrel)

I used to annoy my wife by suggesting we go to Hooters every time she asked where to go for dinner. So once on the road there was a Hooters nearby and she was in the mood for chicken wings. So now she knows it's about as salacious as a girls' gym class, and I can't use that gag any more.

I once bought a Hooters t-shirt while on a business trip. The ex-Mrs. Layzee would not let me wear it when we were in public together.

I think I'll let my family choose my birthday dinner on a Sunday after church from the following list:

White Castle

WVplantman, my 14-year old grandson had his birthday party at Hooters with full family in attendance. The girls made a fuss over him, and he had a grand old time--nothing uncomfortable. *sigh* I just don't like their food very much.

allen - uncomfortable is in the eye of the beholder.

Meh. I live in SuSoCal - women here look like they're wearing these "costumes" all the time. As long as Mr. Telecom is respectful in his ogling, I'm fine with it. Heck, the cheerleaders at our college games are wearing similar.

Not My Usual Alias - You will need to change out Chik-fil-a, they aren't open on Sundays, perhaps Mrs. Winners?

okay - there is a restaurant near my office that has topless waitresses and pole dancers. are you OK with that? would you take a 14 year old there?
how is it different, except by degree? are they not different shades of the same color?

Allen, I have taken my grandson to a Hooters and it was a thrill for him, however, he was 19 and it wasn't a mixed group of preteen boys and girls. The employees in those restaurants tend to make a fuss over everybody. I am certain it's because they are just people persons and has nothing to do with potential tips.

And get off my lawn!

I remember seeing some pictures from a bar mitzvah that took place at a Hooters. THOSE were bizarre. Then again, "Today I am a man!"

Balzac--Hooters is for a little nudge-nudge wink-wink. Everyone keeps their clothes, such as they are, on. Strip joints are for outright drooling. If they differ only in degree, it's the difference between the freezing point and the boiling point.

Anybody remember the Playboy Club? Our Bunny had her ballpoint pen clipped onto the laces of her suit. At least their food was pretty good.

ok dmented. so then i guess it would be okay if your daughter were subjected to a little nudge-nudge wink-wink, eh?

Balzac, some are more uncomfortable than others.
I offered, sincerely, to buy my wife and a couple of her friends tickets to a Chippendale's appearance. I did not plan to attend.
(Did I spell "Chippendale" correctly? I know what they are but never really studied the poster).
Oh, she declined but said she appreciated the offer.

I am of the opinion that the people who frequent those establishments (for the ogling and fantasy boost)and the ladies that work there (for cash, the appreciative looks and cash) have a mutually beneficial arrangement and we shouldn't judge.

that's patently obvious steve. the fact that these restaurants exist is testimony to that fact. that i am in the minority in my opinion on the matter is also obvious. i find it hard to believe though that i stand alone in my desire that my daughter not be ogled by a room full of beer-drinking wing-munchers.

NMUA, Chick FilA is closed on Sundays, so you're down to two choices.

To those who objected up there, you are completely entitled to your opinion and don't need to apologize for it. I wouldn't say I'm exactly offended by them, but I've never been in one nor am I likely to be (unless there is no other choice of eatery).

I'm more offended by so-called "Gentlemen's Clubs" where pathetic wannabes can smoke cigars and pretend the "dancers" are really attracted to them. Call them what they are, strip clubs, and be honest about it. (No, I've never been in one either.)

Steve, my wife and some friends, after joking about it for years, did go to one of those pseudo-Chippendales shows and she hated it. She thought it was sleazy and degrading and not any fun.

But, your mileage may vary.

I like boobs. It doesn't mean I'm gonna go out and rape someone. I just like boobs! They're very pretty, and useful in a variety of ways.

One tilted kilt girl had blue eye, one hazel or light green, and the other 3 had brown eyes. What is all the fuss about?

That is blue eyes.

Nice try EyeGore.

so (repeating myself) i guess you all are okay with me putting a buzz on and ogling your daughters. bring 'em on! and bring me a beer.

When my middle son joined the army we (including his mother and sister) went to hooters the night before he left for basic. I tried to talk Ms. EyeGore into buying some "hooter" clothes. She did - cammo flannel pajama bottoms - says they are the most comfortable flannel pj's ever. Agree - the food is not worth the trip.

Check out these hooters!

I like beer.
I like wings.
I don't care if you're Quasimodo, as long as the beer is cold and the wings are spicy.
I'd prefer to be served by the young Mr. Redford, but I like beer. And wings.

Awww, Ralph ! Sooo CUTE !!

padraig, your comment reminds me of my favorite selection from "Haikus for Jews" -

"Today I am
a man; tomorrow I go
back to seventh grade."

(Of course, the rest of the book is pretty good, too.)

Ogle all you want, balzac. If the woman is of age and chooses to put herself out there (so to speak) in Hooters gear that should be her choice. If you choose to eat, drink and ogle, it's years.

And no, to answer your unasked question, I have no daughters.

Interesting that the surrounding posts have 2 or 3 comments, and this one had 49, not counting mine. And the tone is slightly -- just slightly -- more contentious than usual, too.

Regardless of any ethical position, pro or con, I avoid businesses that offer me a distraction from their primary offering; in other words, if a restaurant needs semi-nude co-eds to entice you in, how good can the food be, really now? Of course, if the alternative is Olive Garden or Taco Bell, maybe a bucket of legs, breasts, and thighs from Naughty Uncle Micky's Chicken Koop would be worth trying. But probably not.

It's not so much the dress that bothers me, but the fact that the restaurants say it is about the food and the atmosphere. Everyone knows if you wanted food and atmosphere, you go to a fancy French restaurant.

Well, this subject seems to have touched a few nerves, even if the waitresses don't. Mostly.

I made fun of my husband who has a Hooters ballcap on which the name of the town was misspelled. Best revenge ever.

padraig, scantily clad women (men in kilts for some) will always get our attention.

Balzac, I'm with you, waitresses, like secretaries, were often treated like fair game. My sister was groped and pinched at the university Campus Club. Normal outfits. After all these years, to be so blatant about it, plus pretend it's a family restaurant... I'm without words except, gross.

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