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June 26, 2012


An airline has reimbursed a Swedish woman after she was given no choice but to sit across a corpse for much of a 10-hour flight to Kenya.

(Thanks to Jeff Brown and Chuck Cody)


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Alaska Airlines once gave a widow the frequent flyer miles when her husband was transported as cargo after his demise.

In her case, the family needed the miles to get the ticket for a family member to come to the funeral.

At least he didn't hog the armrest or try to talk her ear off during the entire flight. I'd love to know why the airline didn't turn around when he first became sick during the start of the flight.

The Kipper and The Corpse, Fawlty Towers

Coffee, tea or embalming fluid?

Delta Airlines MIGHT have offered her a complimentary half-can of Pringles.

Could she use his carry-on space ?

I'm with NC, there have been flights I would have paid extra to be seated next to a corpse. As for the NC's question, she boarded at a stop-over and the EU has some strange rules about visas.

Cindy, planes take forever to take off. But once they are it the air, nothing can stop them.

Also, she doesn't look very traumatized.

The worst part was his head kept "accidentally" flopping over and landing on her ramparts. Of course, he never said "excuse me" or "sorry" or "are they real?"

She could used a stiff drink.

Not very traumatized? She looks positively gleeful.

The captain has turned off the seat belt sign, you may now move about the cabin. Everyone except the passenger in 10A who must remain seated and continue decomposing.

Snork at Marc!

I'd be OK with it until he started the leakage part of decomposition. Just sayin'.

"I knew I picked the wrong day to quit formaldehyde".

Did he get frequent die-er miles?

He can be picked up at baggage claim carousel 4.

She's probably sat next to Swedish men; she's used to it.

Wonder what disease he had? Hope none of the folks on that flight are my flight tonight.

Sounds like a heart problem. But as it is Kenyan Air, could have been cerebral malaria.

I think I saw this one: Corpse on a Plane, Samuel L. Jackson's little-known followup to that Snakes movie right?

We were once on a flight home from London where the American Airlines crew was even less caring and interested than usual. The young woman in back of us (very early 20s) was crying. It turned out the guy next to her had puked in his barf bag and returned it to his seat pocket. He refused to give it to the crew or throw it away. Why? You tell me.

The crew member told the girl that all the seats in the section were taken, so tough luck. My wife and a couple of other woman made a big stink (so to speak) until they agreed to let her sit in first class.

Jeff...Maybe he was afraid of the extra "carry off barf-bag" fee

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