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June 28, 2012


"She would have never gotten the sandwich thrown at her if she would have just been polite about the matter."

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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oy. you shoulda heard the radio coverage of this story yesterday. there was an... accent to her speech shall we say, indicative of a certain... culture that originated in... developments largely free of fixed buildings if you get my drift.

her wonderment appeared to be genuine. she really did not understand why throwing food at an employee should result in a ban.

is our rednecks learning?

balzac, that came through clearly in the quote. Perhaps she should have been at Hooters?


I tend to have great empathy with people doing jobs I would not want to do. Serving food to a frequently unappreciative public is one of them.
I love mankind, but people are often scum.

What a moron. If I had been the employee she threw the sandwich at she wouldn't have been able to eat anywhere for a couple of weeks, iykwim. It's hard to bite into a chicken sandwich when your jaw's wired shut.

But then you'd be out of work, cindy, not to mention facing possible criminal charges &/or lawsuits.

Of course, if you remember the ex-con working McDonald's in Greenwich Village who beat down those women who jumped the counter after spitting at him, he was cleared of all charges so maybe you'd be OK after all.

Carry on.

anyone who thinks their McDonalds sandwich will be remotely like the glycerine coated, specially baked and plumped, maximally Photoshopped ad images, probably thinks it's diet food as well.

y'all are NOT feeling the love, people!

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