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June 29, 2012


A town that keeps its word.

Advisory: Perhaps not totally SFW.

(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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I hope they're also offering free shots of Penicillin.

Bet Shatner wishes they had been at the airport.

Truth in advertising - gotta love it.

BUt overall, ick.

That sucks.

Those gals in the picture don't look like anything anyone in their right mind would want unless you were blind.

Too much information.


Exactly. Aren't "porn stars" usually fairly attractive, at least nowadays? Those two look like $10-dollar-a-trick streetwalkers.

What a stupid bet! Would have made more sense (if there is any degree of sense in any of this) to make the girls of the losing team give the "you-knows" to the team that won. Isn't that the point of a bet - to make somebody do something they don't want to do. Oh, wait...

Indiana, I think they were Okie fans. But, bleccch.

Still not enough to care about the NBA.

Bugger the NBA. Wait! I'm not offering! I'm not offering! That was just an expression!

The one on the right is especially cheap if you consider cost per pound.

Love the last paragraph.

Steve, extra eeeeeewwwwww!!!!!

Love the way the URL for this one got truncated:


"Local porn starts will make goo"

Still accurate, I believe.

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