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June 27, 2012


A team of scientists at Google created a "brain" that taught itself to recognize cats by watching millions of YouTube videos.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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What next... hooters ?

It invented the concept of a cat?!? So we can blame Google for cats, now?

Microsoft: We'll see your cats and raise you an exploding toilet.

Apple: Ha! Our exploding toilet will be much easier to use! Of course, if you want to develop apps for it, we'll have to approve them.

The Open Exploding Toilet Foundation: Fascist scum! Our exploding toilet will be available to everyone, even in the developing world! If you manage to record the explosions, you can post them anywhere you like, without concern about intellectual property! Or intellectual anything else, for that matter!

Introduce it to porn before it takes over the world.

I'm going to wait for the release of Cats 2.0. Feral (Version 1) was OK, but I could never get the mouse to work properly, and the audio sounded hissy.

This is not a good idea. Pretty soon it will "invent"
cat "houses", give cats rights, and take over the world. (There's an old uncouth joke in there too, but I am too classy to make it explicit.)

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