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June 27, 2012


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Insurance Professional of the Week So Far.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Wasn't she a porn star?

I saw Randy Beavers open for...

...just about everyone, right Allen?

I used to work with insurance agents. Trust me, this guy's heard every possible deviant joke involving the name "Randy Beavers."

padraig, I am confident this blog could come up with some he hasn't heard yet! We should at least try.

He had dam fool parents.

Well, Ralph, if they did it deliberately, I agree. But as waspy and Sunday-school as the guy looks, they may not have known what they were doing.

Do you find it ... risible ... when I say the name ... Randy ... Beavers? He has a wife, you know.

I had some Mennonite food producers who thought up a great name for their company...they believed.
After my boss quit laughing, he suggested I have a gentle talk with these people.
I did.
They didn't get it.
Innocence is wonderful and terrible.

Steve reminded me of an ad that I proofread once while working for a newspaper years ago. It was an ad for a local business with accompanying pictures of the two females who owned the boutique. I could hardly contain my laughter when I noticed the type under the picture of the women was "Cheap and Easy". I had to explain it to everyone else in the office. The advertising folks bought my lunch that day. :)

My clients had named their company with a variant spelling of the word "country". Does this paint a picture?
'Cause it sure didn't for them.

Huh? "Kountry?" I don't get it.

there isnt a 12 year old boy in this Kountry who isnt laughing at this..........

He used to be married to Sharon Beavers. They're divorced now.

*snork* @ Omni's Brian reference.

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